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Constance Rousseau

Art Direction • Design • Illustration


Hi! I am Constance, an Art Director, Illustrator, Digital, Visual, Motion, Graphic,… a Designer.

For over 7 years now, mainly in Paris, London and the USA, I’ve been working on a variety of projects ranging from Videos, Motion Design, AR/VR to UI and UX design, across different environments such as Luxury, Fashion, New Technologies, Animation, Entertainment and Branding. I had the chance to win competitions and then work for clients like Samsung, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Tudor Watch, Vacheron Constantin, Berluti

I am currently working at Oculus / Facebook, in the AR/VR space.

I’m always looking for new areas to explore, striving for new challenges to take on ! Don’t hesitate to contact me so we can discuss how to work together.

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